Belmar Dining Guide

Anne Marie's & Mike's Favorite Places around Belmar, New Jersey
Oh where do we start! We are constantly surprised and amazed at how many great restaurants, pubs, outdoor venues, dessert places and entertainment options there are just walking distance from our Inn in Belmar. No matter what your favorite type of food, beverage, dessert or music there are a many outstanding options. Below are some of our favorites:

9th Avenue Pier

Belmar’s newest restaurant and patio bar! One of Mike & Anne Marie’s favorite hangouts is a great place to grab a few drinks with friends and family. From light salad to delicious seafood, you’ll love the menu. Enjoy spectacular sunsets from the pier and live, local entertainment all summer long. Drive, walk, ride a bike (maybe even a tandem!) or boat to one of the best location in town. They even have their own boat slips!  View website

Tenth Ave Burrito

It’s not fancy, it’s just great food at a great price. Featured on the Food Network’s Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives, Tenth Ave Burrito is the spot in Belmar for Mexican food. Try the fish tacos! The prices are very reasonable and they have a great outdoor bar area and offer fabulous local, live entertainment.  View website

Klein’s Fish Market

What great atmosphere! If you like outdoor dining on the water you will love Klein’s. They have a large deck overlooking the Shark River at Main & 5th and feature great seafood and a wide variety of beverages as well as local entertainment outside all summer long. A fun place to go and relax, have a drink, some great food, fun entertainment and spectacular views.  View website


Located just two blocks away in Belmar Plaza at Main & 9th, Brandl serves up the finest innovative American cuisine. Chef/Owner Chris Brandl, a Johnson & Wales graduate, opened his namesake restaurant in 2002 creating a unique year-round dining experience. Offering fresh and innovative fare like steak tartar & perfect egg, and fresh oysters harvested in local waters. Brandl’s lazy lobster (Anne Marie’s favorite dinner in Belmar) and crab cakes are legendary, or try the 24oz. ribeye for the heartiest appetite. Brandl is also BYO.  View website



Perhaps the best kept secret in town. Family owned and operated for 18 years, Dave and his family serve up some of the best Italian food in the area. The meals are plentiful, the soup is the best around and the service is second to none. And, it’s a great spot for families and groups. We promise you won’t leave here hungry. Federico’s is also BYO.  View website

Kaya’s Kitchen

If you like vegetarian cuisine then this is the place. The meals are made fresh and per order using only the finest organic ingredients. Enjoy delicious cuisine in the newly renovated dining room with a friendly and knowledgeable staff. Be sure to try the fresh vegetable juice and smoothie bar. Kaya’s is also BYO. View website

La Dolce Vita

If you want to eat near the ocean and enjoy fabulous views of the water matched only by great food and ambiance make the short walk or drive to La Dolce Vita. Less than a mile from the Inn, La Dolce Vita is family owned and operated by two generations. Both ZIO (uncle) Giuseppe Salpietro and Nipote (nephew) Nicola Fuccilli invite you to experience their passion for Italian cuisine and culture.
The story of La Dolce Vita began five decades ago in a small town in the hills of Sicily.

It is from here that co-owner Giuseppe Salpietro brings authentic cuisine, traditions and customs, which come from centuries of good living. La Dolce Vita believes in bringing this passion for Dolce Vita, translates to mean the sweet life, into every dish that leaves our kitchen. It is our goal to make every customer feel like part of our very own family. We at La Dolce Vita believe in family and invite you and your family in to our Restaurant to experience a variety of fantastic tastes to please every palate. Visit the website.

Ragin’ Cajun

Stepping through the door at Ragin’ Cajun is like walking into the middle of someone’s living room. Unlike the awkwardness that might arise on such an occasion, the team at Ragin’ Cajun welcomes you with open arms, The intimacy of the dining room and open kitchen lets you know the dishes are prepared especially for you. A night at this tiny restaurant is like going to a dinner party with fifty of your closest friends. Everyone is family.

The knowledgeable staff will translate words like “jambalaya,” “etouffee” and “gumbo” guiding you through the menu until you find the perfect dish. There are many outstanding gluten free options as well. And, don’t be surprised to find some fabulous local, live entertainment to add to your dining experience. You can even eat outside on the front lawn and watch the glorious sunset while dining. Ragin’ Cajun is also BYO. View website

Beach Haus Brewery

Belmar now has it’s own brewery downtown on Main Street! A short walk from the Inn on the corner of Main & 8th you can take a tour of their facility, learn a bit about how each unique brew is made and then head upstairs for a few samples. They even have a one-of-a-kind outdoor deck on the second floor overlooking downtown where you can relax and enjoy the summer night while sipping a cold one.

Co-founded out of a garage around the corner in Brick NJ by two high school buddies Brian Ciriaco and John “Merk” Merklin in 2007, the owners used their interest in home brewing, a passion for craft beer and a love of the Jersey Shore as their main inspiration in their effort to put Jersey Shore on the Craft Beer landscape. View website

Mr. Shrimp

We love sea food so Mr. Shrimp has quickly become one of our favorite places to go. The menu is extensive and everything is excellent. The fish is fresh and prepared to perfection. And, the prices are very reasonable and Mr. Shrimp is one of many BYO restaurants in the area. View website

Avon Pavilion

The Avon Pavilion is a BYOB beachside restaurant located on the boardwalk in quaint Avon-by-the-Sea. After 24 years, the restaurant was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. In 2014, the Avon Pavilion was completely rebuilt to include a chic, modern beachfront dining space with a spectacular ocean view. By day, guests enjoy breakfast and lunch in a lively, picturesque Jersey Shore setting. When the sun begins to set, we transform to a candlelit ambience with shimmering ocean views and gourmet seashore inspired cuisine. View website

Strollo’s Ice Cream

A visit to Belmar is not complete without a stop at Strollo’s on Main and 5th. This may be the best Italian Ice ever! They offer so many different and original flavors it’s unbelievable. And, the soft-serve ice cream and frozen yogurt along with hard ice cream is out of this world. Be sure to have this on your to-do list when you come for a visit.  View website