A special message from Anne Marie and Mike

First and foremost we thank you for your interest in coming to the Tandem Bike Inn. Whether you are a valued returning guest or a new customer, we appreciate your trust in us to provide a safe, relaxing, and enjoyable environment. These are unprecedented times of change and adjustment. We appreciate you sticking with us as we make every effort to keep you safe.

“A secret to happiness is letting every situation be what it is instead of what you think it should be… and making the best of it. “
– Anonymous

When we developed our guidelines, we thought of the quote above. Many of these changes came after hours of debating and measuring their value and the safety of our guests and our staff.

We ask that each guest please carefully review our new guidelines, which are based on the guidelines published by the CDC.

As the CDC adjusts its guidelines, so will we. Thank you again for choosing the Tandem Bike Inn. In the spirit of making the best of it, here we go!

Two ways to enter

  • Our new digital key allows guests to choose a contact-less arrival experience. If you would like to take advantage of contact-less entry please let us know via email, text or phone and we will email a link so you can install the app on your phone. Once installed you can set a personal access code, unlock the door using your phone, and set the door to automatically unlock when you arrive.
  • Upon arrival all guests will also receive a personal code for the keypad to unlock the front door. Please call or text (203-364-7119) upon arrival and we will explain the process.

Health & Safety

  • We are fully vaccinated and boosted multiple times!
  • We do not require you to wear a mask inside or outside our property.
  • All guests and TBI family & staff will be monitored for signs of symptoms.
  • If within 14 days after leaving the TBI you become ill, please inform us so we may take appropriate action.
  • For your convenience we provide sanitizing products, including hands sanitizer and alcohol wipes, in rooms and in common areas

Food at the Inn

  • The dining room is now open for coffee and tea. Social distancing is recommended.
  • Breakfast options. Breakfast is now served in our dining room and on our open-air side porch (weather permitting). To facilitate social distancing we offer two sittings each morning, one at 8:30 and one at 9:30. In a text message prior to arrival you will be asked to indicate your preferred breakfast time. If we do not hear from you we will request your preferred time when you check-in. To increase the likelihood of getting the breakfast time you prefer please be sure to let us know as early as possible. 
  • Coffee and Tea. In addition to the individual coffee maker and supplies provided in your guest room, fresh coffee and hot water for tea will be available in our dining room. Included with your breakfast will be baked goods for afternoon tea.
  • Ice is still available upon request and available for contactless delivery.
  • Belmar has some great restaurants. The owners of these establishments have set up their facilities in accordance with state and local occupancy guidelines (tables socially distanced, etc.). While we will try our best to arrange reservations for you upon request, we cannot guarantee success due to limited capacity.

Your Room

  • We have always provided exceptionally clean rooms and amenities for our guests. Nothing about this has changed.
  • All bathroom towels, facecloths, and bathmats are removed and replaced between guests. You can request fresh towels during your stay.
  • All bedding, including sheets, pillowcases, shams, blankets, and bedspreads, are laundered between guests.
  • To ensure maximum quality control and cleanliness, all laundry is done on the premises by the TBI family using bleach and sanitizer.
  • We use disinfectant products that have been pre-approved and certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use against emerging viruses, bacteria, and other airborne pathogens.
  • Your room will be cleaned and disinfected with our EPA-approved antibacterial cleaners prior to your arrival with a focus on all high-touch areas (e.g., switches and electronic remote controls, handles and knobs, bathroom surfaces, hard surfaces). To keep these areas clean during your stay surface cleaning and sanitizing wipes are provided in your room.
  • If you are staying more than one day, we will be picking up trash and used towels outside your door and providing new supplies at your door. Our housekeepers will not be entering your room during your stay.
  • The TBI information books, normally found in your guest room, have been removed. You will be provided with a PDF version prior to check-in.
  • We have provided hand sanitizer in your room and encourage you to wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizer. Please do not remove the hand sanitizer from your room.
  • If you require any service in your room (e.g., plumbing, electrical, TV, internet, air conditioners) we will ask you to temporarily vacate the room during service.

Common Areas

  • Groups of more than four people will be expected to gather on the side porch only.
  • We have increased regular deep cleaning and disinfecting schedules to multiple times per day with our EPA-approved antibacterial cleaners of all high touch surfaces inside and outside the building (e.g., railings, door handles, light switches, tables, chairs).
  • We are providing hand sanitizer in common areas.
  • Only registered guests will be allowed on the property, including our driveway, parking area, front porch, living room, hallways, and guest rooms.
  • For the safety of non-vaccinated guests, please do not gather in large groups in common areas, or near entry ways.

Amenities & Equipment

  • Beach tags will be supplied this year and are included with your reservation.
  • Beach towels will be supplied in your room. We are happy to replace these upon request.
  • Use of TBI bikes and beach equipment are available upon request. Please allow 30 minutes for sanitizing.

Payment Method

  • We will charge the credit card you provided at the time of your reservation via our secure online system, eliminating the need to physically handle your credit card and process your charges in-person.

Additional Guest Safety Measures

  • If a guest or member of the TBI family tests positive for COVID-19, all guests will be immediately informed and have the option to check-out and receive a refund for the balance of their scheduled stay.
  • We require guests to stay home if you feel unwell or believe you may have been exposed to COVID-19. There is no charge to cancel your reservation 14 days before your arrival date. If you need to cancel your reservation inside our 14-day free cancellation window all efforts will be made to secure a replacement reservation for the same room and dates to avoid charges to your credit card. .

We greatly appreciate your support during this unprecedented situation. With your help and cooperation, we believe we can provide a safe and healthy environment. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Stay safe and be well,
Anne Marie and Mike