Welcome to your home away from home at the Tandem Bike Inn, a boutique bed and breakfast in Belmar, New Jersey. Whether it’s relaxing in the Belmar Beach sand, exploring the scenic Jersey Shore on a bike, or chartering a fishing boat for a maritime adventure, Belmar, NJ has something for everyone to enjoy. Indulge in Main Street’s local shops, roam the galleries, and enjoy the cuisine in one of the many fine dining and casual restaurants. Belmar creates the environment for a perfect vacation with over 100 activities and restaurants awaiting your arrival on the Jersey Shore. Sup the river, enjoy live music, dance the night away in our energetic venues, grab a drink at a pub, sip and paint your own masterpieces, design a scrumptious cupcake, play a round of mini golf, and so much more. Best of all, the Tandem Bike Inn is perfectly positioned to walk to Main Street, the beach, and the marina! Click on the following links to help plan out your stay with us.

Eat, Drink and Be Happy!

Hungry & Bored? Not in Belmar! Foodie Fun Year-Round at the Jersey Shore’s Boutique B&B
Forget sleepy beach towns that shut down after summer! Belmar, on the Jersey Shore, is always buzzing with culinary delights and vibrant entertainment, no matter the weather. Whether you’re seeking a delicious breakfast or a cozy afternoon tea after exploring the beach, the Tandem Bike Inn’s your perfect home base. But worry not, dinner and music lovers, Belmar’s got you covered too!
Check out our links below. And as always, ask us if you need help with reservations, we may have an “innkeepers table” at that restaurant!

(Click a photo to visit the restaurant’s site)

From fish tales or catching a wave to parasailing or paddling…

we love hearing about your adventures while visiting the TBI.

Everyone has different entertainment plans in mind and we are happy to share with you some links to great and small adventures in Belmar.

Keep Up Your Fitness Routine

Keep it moving…Maintain your exercise routine! Just because you’re on vacation it doesn’t mean your exercise routines need to be on vacation as well. Here at the TBI we have many options to keep you moving and feeling fit!

  • Beach Yoga
  • Beach Zumba
  • Belmar Walk-in fitness facilities
  • Borrow our bikes! Complimentary bike use for all registered guests
  • Walk the boards! Over a mile and a half of brand new trek deck boardwalk to enjoy a stroll or a fast paced walk to keep you moving… breathtaking views make it painless!