Our “Inns” and Outs

Thank you for coming! Please take a few minutes to review our Inn policies to insure you have an enjoyable experience.  We are so happy you are here!


Michael & Anne Marie Hayes

  • Tandem Bike Inn phone number: 732-556-6621
  • Mike’s mobile phone: 203-364-7119
  • Anne Marie’s mobile phone: 203-364-7121

What time is it?

  • Check-in time: 3:00 PM or after
  • Check-out time: 11:00 AM or earlier
  • Quiet hours: 11:00 PM – 7:30 AM
  • Early check-in and late check-out are available for an additional charge

Who’s hungry?

Food and Beverages at the Tandem Bike Inn

Our dining room is currently open with sittings at 8:30 and 9:30 each morning. In addition to the individual coffee maker and supplies provided in your guest room, fresh coffee and hot water for tea will be available in our dining room. Included with your breakfast will be cookies for you to enjoy with your afternoon tea.

Coffee and Tea are available 24×7 in our dining room. Your room is also equipped with a single-serve coffee maker and all the supplies necessary to make  your morning coffee and/or tea. Please let us know if you need any additional supplies during your stay.

Each room is equipped with a refrigerator to store food and beverages that you bring with you or bring back from a restaurant.

Ice is available from the TBI staff upon request.


Guest Rooms

Prior to check-in your room was cleaned and disinfected with our EPA-approved antibacterial  cleaners with a focus on all high-touch areas (e.g., switches and electronic remote controls,  handles and knobs, bathroom surfaces, hard surfaces).

If you are staying more than one day, we will be picking up trash and used towels outside your door and providing new supplies at your door. Please use the cloths basket provided. Our housekeepers will not be entering your room during your stay.  

We have provided hand sanitizer in your room and encourage you to wash your hands frequently and use the hand sanitizer. Please do not remove the hand sanitizer from your room.

Please do not dye your hair during your stay. These dyes can stain walls and require repainting.

Something not working? If you require any service in your room (e.g., plumbing, electrical, TV,  internet, air conditioners) we will ask you to temporarily vacate the room during service.

Please remember to lock your door when you leave. We are not responsible for anything taken from an unlocked room.

Only registered guests are allowed on the TBI property. No exceptions.

To insure that you are comfortable and enjoy your visit, please report any damage or non working items in your room immediately so we can take corrective action.

Quiet Hours. Everyone deserves a good nights sleep. Quiet hours are posted from 11PM to 7:30AM. Please keep the volume of your conversation, TV, music, etc. in your room to a considerate level. Failure to respect the quiet hours policy will result in termination of reservation with full charges applied to credit card holder of the room. If another room is disturbing your peace during posted quiet hours, please call us immediately @203-364-7119 so we can take corrective action.

Trash and recycle can be placed outside your door for pick-up.

Please do not leave food in refrigerators upon check out.

NO CANDLES! Battery candles are available for use. Please ask.

No Smoking allowed in your room at anytime.


Be Comfortable… Air Conditioners, Heat and Fireplaces

We appreciate any possible conservation of electricity. Please shut off lights and TV’s when not in use, and when out of room for an extended time please consider turning your AC to 70 degrees. Thank you.

Room temperature is controlled by you. The AC remote in your room controls the wall unit. Use the directional arrows to control the temperature. Scrolling down will lower the temperature, scrolling up will raise the temperature in your room. Most rooms are comfortable between 68 and 72 degrees.

If at any time you notice an Air Conditioner dripping, please inform us to limit damage to the floors. Please do not place belongings under an Air Conditioner at any time.

There is a thermostat on the wall in your room to adjust the heat.

Gas Fireplaces
Some rooms have gas fireplaces. To turn on your fireplace, locate the wall switch that is labeled Fireplace. It operates like a light switch to turn it on. To turn ON, raise the switch up. All fireplaces have a small pilot flame in right hand corner. Gas fireplaces are in service in cooler months only, usually October to May, because the heat from the pilot interferes with the cooling of your room. Please contact us if you need assistance.




Wall Safes
Each room has a wall safe. On your room keys you will see a smaller key for the wall safe. The safe comes in handy for your valuables you want to leave in the room while away from the Inn. Please remember if you place something in the safe, to remove it before leaving.

Room Keys
Please return your room keys to staff upon check out. Check out time can sometimes be hectic and keys and beach badges are often forgotten. A fee of $50.00 will be charged for lost or non returned keys.

Trash and recycling
Please put trash and recycling outside your door for pick-up.

Sunscreen Products
Please do not use spray-on sunscreen products inside the inn. We have an outdoor shower where these may be applied. These include sunscreens, after sun products and tanners. Thank you.

Shower fans
Please close the bathroom door and use the exhaust fan when taking a shower. Steam from the shower can escape the bathroom and set off the smoke alarms.

Blinking and Beeping?
Smoke Detectors, Carbon Monoxide detectors, TV Remotes and Air Conditioning Remotes all use batteries. These may cease working or begin to blink or beep. Please let us know if you hear or see something so we can replace the batteries.


Using the Internet

Network: BIKE
Security key: 2033647119 (Also Mike’s mobile phone number)

Using the TV
Using the Verizon remote control, PRESS the TV POWER (top left) button to turn on the television and wait 5-10 seconds for the TV to come on. The FIOS MENU message will prompt you to press MENU and then the picture should appear. If nothing is happening, press STB (top right) to see if the cable box has been shut off. If you get to this point and you do not have a picture, please ask us for assistance. After a power outage it is not uncommon for a cable box to reset itself. This takes a few minutes and the TV will tell you this is happening.

The GUIDE button is a great resource to see a listing of programming offered. Use the directional arrows located on remote to scroll up and down. Press OK button to select channel.

The Tandem Bike Inn provides a variety of local, cable, and premium channel options through the Ultimate HD and Premium movie channel sections.

  • Channels 503-507 are the national networks – CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox
  • Channels 600-618 are cable news – CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, FOX News, etc.
  • Channels 840-931 are premium movie channels – Starz, Showtime, HBO, Max, etc.

Please do not hesitate to ask a staff member for assistance.

Menus, maps, business cards and coupons
The Belmar business community has created the Discover Belmar website that provides a comprehensive listing and links to all Belmar businesses including restaurants, shops and services. You can scan the QR code on the inside front cover of this book to access this website on your phone.


Instructions for Jacuzzi Tubs

Please read all instructions before operating the tub. Thank you.

All tubs have been chemically cleaned for your comfort and safety.

Step by Step

  1. Fill tub slowly with water covering the jets by 1 inch. Always start with hot water to maximize temperature of water. Add cold to cool down.
  2. Only after the water level covers the jets, set timer located on wall (tub will not start if timer is not set).
  3. Enter tub. If water goes over the water height label, stand up and open drain to remove some water. The label is there to prevent tub from overflowing and draining into room below. Just because water is not overflowing the edges of the tub, it will overflow the catch drain or control panel and cause expensive damage.
  4. If the tub does not turn on when the timer is set, push ON button located on the tub control panel.

Please follow recommendations below to avoid damage and fines.

  • Please remove all sand from body before using the tub
  • Please Do Not add anything to tub water. This includes oatmeal, bubbles, salts, etc. These substances become lodged in tubing and do not rinse out, causing bio film. Upon request we can provide you with appropriate bath salts.
  • Running the shower and tub at the same time will result in depleted hot water supply.
  • Please refrain from shaving in tub.
  • Battery operated candles are provided. Do Not use real candles near the hot tub.


Common Areas

  • Our front porch is a favorite space to relax. Please maintain social distance or use face masks if you are not fully vaccinated.
  • Quiet Hours for both indoors and outdoors are in effect from 11:00PM to 7:30AM.
  • During quiet hours please enter and exit the Inn quietly, walk softly, keep voices low in hallways and TV’s and room conversations to a low level. Failure to respect quiet hours may result in immediate termination of your reservation.
  • Free off-street parking. The back of the Inn parking lot can accommodate 7-8 small to medium sized vehicles. Parking is on a first come, first get basis. Some of our guests take the train so it is unusual that parking behind the inn cannot be accommodated. Please use painted lines as a guide to optimize the space. Only 1 car per room is allowed in our parking area. There is additional free parking on 10th Ave and E Street. Large SUV’s and all trucks are asked to park on the street as to not block availability for other guests. Please make sure we have your vehicle description and/or license plate number on file. Do not leave your vehicle in driveway at any time. Please keep you car locked. On your check-out day please move your vehicle out of the parking area by 11:00 AM to make room for guests who are checking in.
  • Only registered guests are allowed to use TBI amenities. Sorry but we cannot allow non-registered guests to park, shower, or use the amenities of the property. Thank you for your cooperation.
  • Please do not leave personal belongings in the common areas. We cannot be responsible for any lost or missing items. Thank you.


Outside Porch

  • Everyone loves the porch!!
  • Open for use 7:00 AM to 11:00PM
  • Please keep music and cell phone talking to a comfortable level for all guests.
  • The porch is available for lunch or evening meals.
  • Groups of 4 or more are asked to gather on the side porch to help keep entrances from the street and parking area open.
  • For the safety and comfort of all guests please do not block exits at any time.


Non-Smoking Environment

  • The TBI is a non-smoking Inn. We do not allow smoking inside the Inn or on the porch at anytime. In the back of the property is a small table set up for smoking, this is the ONLY space where smoking is allowed. Please refrain from using any other areas including the sidewalk in front of our property or our neighbors’ homes. Thank you for your compliance. Failure to comply will result in termination of your reservation.
  • No Candles
  • Candles are not allowed anywhere on the property. We have battery operated candles for use and are happy to share them with you. This is a safety code and we will not make any exceptions. All candles will be confiscated for the safety of all of us who share this space. Thank you.


Front Door Codes

  • Our new digital key allows guests to have a contactless arrival experience. When you arrive we will provide your personal entry code. Upon request we can also share our mobile app for the front door lock should you want to create your own code. You will need to install this app on your phone to take advantage of contactless entry. Once installed you can set an access code, unlock the door using your phone, and set the door to automatically unlock when you arrive.
  • If you are not comfortable installing and using the app, we will also provide you with a code to the front door lock and show you how to use the keypad when you arrive. Please call or text (203-364-7119) upon arrival and we will explain the new check-in process.


Accidents Happen

We realize that accidents happen.

Please report any incidents including the following:

  • TV equipment or remote malfunctions
  • Lost room remotes
  • Broken glass or mirrors
  • Stained linens or furniture
  • Malfunctioning or overflowing Jacuzzi tubs
  • Lost or stolen bikes
  • Broken beach equipment

If cleaning is required please contact us. Do not use bath towels to clean spills. We have the right products and equipment necessary to clean up most spills.

To avoid being charged for these mishaps, please report them to a staff member as soon as they happen. If damage is not reported before check-out your credit card will be charged for any repairs or cleaning required.


Bikes Bikes Bikes!

  • Use of our beach equipment and bikes is available upon request. Please allow 30 minutes for sanitizing.


Beach Beach Beach!

  • Complimentary Beach Tags are provided for the duration of your stay. These are seasonal badges which are on loan to you and must be returned at the end of your visit.
  • Outdoor foot shower is available at the base of the front stairs. We appreciate washing off excessive sand before entering the Inn. Thank you!
  • Outdoor shower is located on side of the Inn. It is both hot and cold water and soap and shampoo is supplied.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where is the Ocean, Restaurants and Shops? For ocean: Exit inn and turn right. At the end of 10th Ave. is the ocean. The shops and restaurants are mostly located on Main Street which can be found by exiting the inn and turning left on 10th Ave and walking to the first sets of lights. If you did not get a map or food/shopping guide at check in, please ask.
  2. Can we have late check out? Feel free to ask, but if the room is rented the same day, we cannot accommodate. We appreciate you vacating the room by 11:00 AM so the cleaning crew can start on time. Late fees may apply to compensate cleaning crew.
  3. Can we eat early or later than published times? We try to accommodate peoples’ schedules as much as possible. Please check with us. If you don’t plan to eat, we appreciate letting us know that also. Thank you.
  4. I have special dietary needs or food allergies, can you make special food? Typically we need 24 hours notice for special dietary requests. If you have not informed us of this at check in time, please do as soon as possible and we will try to accommodate you.
  5. Can we use bikes? Yes! Please ring the pantry door bell and a staff member will assist you from 7AM to dusk. Please do not take the bikes without assistance from a staff member. Bikes are loaned out from sunrise to dusk only. No night riding is allowed.
  6. Can we use a different credit card than the one we gave you at the time the reservation was made or pay cash for the room? Yes you may.
  7. Can our friends and family use our room to change, shower, etc.? Sorry, rooms and all TBI amenities are for registered guests only. Thank you for your compliance.
  8. Can we have a friend visit in our room? NO. Unregistered guests are not allowed in rooms at anytime. Visiting is allowed on the main floor of the inn. Signage is posted at foot of living room staircase alerting the beginning of the non registered guest zone. Fire codes and our license’s are dependent on a previously set number of people allowed in each room. Failure to comply with this rule will result in immediate removal of all room occupants. A full charge of the reservation will be applied to the Credit card holder of the room. Please comply, we never like doing this!
  9. Is there a package/liquor store nearby? Yes Hanley’s is located on Main St. between 8th and 9th Ave. There are also two more liquor stores located on the corner of Main and 16th.
  10. Where is the closest drug store? Walgreens is located at 900 Main Street.
  11. Do you accept children at the Inn? Previously we have had children at the Inn, unfortunately because of incidents beyond our control, we have changed the policy to limit children at the inn to be 15 and older. Trusting that their level of maturity is appropriate for their age and their parents are aware that they are fully responsible for their child and their actions, we welcome them. The only time you should see a younger child at the TBI is a visiting relative of the owners.
  12. We have guests with us that are age 15 to 18, can they stay at the Inn unattended? The adult to whom the room is registered under is responsible for the occupants of the room. TV’s, Jacuzzi tubs, and room amenities are expensive to replace. We prefer your child is with you at all times.
  13. Is there emergency medical care nearby? Jersey Shore Medical Center Emergency Room is located 3 miles away on Route 33. It can be reached by traveling Route 35N. , Route18, or Route138W. Follow the blue H signs. There are a few urgent care centers also located within 10 miles of inn. Best to Google Urgent Care Monmouth County for full listing. If it is a critical emergency, call 911
  14. Where do you recommend for dinner? Wow, so many good places to recommend and… a few to stay away from. We have an “innkeeper table” at Klein’s and Avon Pavilion. We must call directly for you to use this table. Please see us before 3pm to call for a reservation. Menus and business cards can be found by front door. Check out our website for a full listing of our recommendations. Or just ask…we love talking Food!
  15. Can we add flowers or cake to our stay? Sure! We are always happy to celebrate fun times. See us to order a surprise for your stay.
  16. Are you open year round? Yes we are! Please ask us about our offseason specials!
  17. Do you host groups? Yes we do! We are available for wedding room blocks, reunions, book clubs, retreats, and all family orientated functions. We do not accept or allow bachelorette/bachelor parties events. Please ask us for full details.
  18. Do you offer specials throughout the year? Yes! Like us on Facebook and Twitter and be sure to check out our posts on social media and on our website!
  19. We booked our room on a OTA such as Bookings.com, Hotels.com, Expedia, etc. Do you always offer rooms on the booking sites? No, it is rare to find any weekend rooms available in high activity times on any of the booking sites. We may put up a room occasionally to cover a last minute cancelation. We are always grateful to the sites for bringing us such wonderful guests, but we prefer you book from us directly on the official Tandem Bike Inn site. We can offer you competitive rates and specials that you will not see on other booking sites. Please ask for details.
  20. Can we write a review? Yes we would really appreciate any positive feedback!!! Inns are rated by the number of current reviews. Thank you in advance for keeping us highly rated!

Evacuation Directions

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